Date: 2/14/2012

Date: 11/10/2009
Ilse of Mann TT Races 2013

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Creating, riding and racing classic and non - Classic Cafe Racers, Cracking the Ton, running red lights, riding on sidewalks, Burn Ups, listening to rock & roll and drinking PINTS. That sums up the CT Rockers....

A Little History:

The Original ROCKERS were based off a group of young rock & roll motorcycle youths from Britain in the 1950's. Originally they were called the TON UP BOYS because Ton Up meant going faster than 100 mph (160kph). The Rockers began to be known by that name in the 1960's due to their immersion in Rockabilly ( rock & roll ) music and style of dress.

The Connecticut Rockers love creating fast after market race influenced bikes. We take stock bikes either vintage or modern and strip them down, tune them up and alter their appearance with Frame mods, Short bars, and Alloy tanks to create the vintage look. Like the Rockers of the 60's we cannot buy the fastest, most cutting edge bikes. Usually it’s the low end affordable bikes. We take what we can get and create racers. We would rather have a classic bike full of style and enough speed to shake a few shutters rather than a modern speeding bullet. You can usually identify us by our heavily decorated jackets, aviator goggles, open faced helmets, white or checker scarfs and the ROCKERS back we blast by you on the highway or twisty back road...

You don't have to own a British bike... but it helps....
and if you’re all about tearing from club to pub
whether by motorway, street, or sidewalk......
then CHEERS!


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